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82% of business leaders say that sustainability and net zero is important to their business practice. But only 43% claim full awareness of the meaning of net zero, The Climate Change Act and what it means for their business. (1)

If you are  a confused business leader lost in the Race to Zero jargon and policy maze, we are here to help. This is a free of charge support service for time and resource conscious business owners, financial directors, department managers, remote professionals, aspiring sustainability teams, and everyone who cares.


How does YAWA (you ask, we answer) work?

Ask your net zero question - THE QUESTION - and get a response back to you within 48 hours. Use the form below to submit your question.


What to expect? 

THE ANSWER will include Brief Answer, Full Answer, Tailored Answer (if you provide details of your business situation), Actions You Can Take, and How Do We Know It? Fill in as many details as you like but remeber - the more you tell, the more you get. 

Example questions

  • How can we encourage our volunteers to use public transport and EVs while they are volunteering?

  • Is TCFD suitable for SMEs or is the SBTi for SMEs framework better suited?

  • Which business activities are responsible for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions the most? 

  • How can I make my buildings net zero? 

  • What is product LCA? 

  • Are there any organisations that can help our small business evaluate climate-related risks and financial impacts?

  • Will hydrogen cars replace EVs in the future?

  • Does PPN apply to businesses with less than £20 million turnover?

  • Where can I find net zero clubs or associations to share experience and learn from each other?

  • What is better for the planet - to renovate an old building or to demolish it and build a new energy efficient one?

  • Should we include Scope 3 emissions in our Net Zero target?

  • What are legal requirements for convenience stores to achieve net zero?

  • How can we make our buoldings net zero? Does EPC reflect carbon emissions?

  • Where fo SMEs and micr-businesses fit in the SDG framework? 


(1)  BSI Net Zero Barometer Report 2023,

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