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Climate change is the defining challenge of our time

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NetZero Standard

Why it matters

Atmospheric concentration of the major greenhouse gases continued to increase despite the temporary reduction in emissions during the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the scientists, global emissions should be cut by 45 percent below 2010 levels in order to limit global worming to 1.5 °C above the pre-industrial levels.

The “every little helps” approach to reducing carbon emissions hoping that it will all add up in the end, is no longer an option. It might add up but it probably won’t, and we will most likely not have a chance to find out unless we take a methodical and science-based action now.

So what does a robust carbon emissions reduction strategy look like for a smaller business?


Firstly, you must measure your carbon footprint using industry standard and BEIS (the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy) calculations and conversation tables to provide a realistic and comparable evaluation of the business’s carbon impact.

All Relevant Data

Secondly, get your benchmarked carbon footprint verified and validated by independent assessors to make sure it’s complete, correct, and feeds all relevant data into the supply chain and your industry to inform effective joint action and industry specific support. It is vital for setting science-based emission reduction targets


Thirdly, make sure that you can easily access carbon emissions data for each of your sites and activities, preferably through a digital database and dashboard, to enable seamless integration of your carbon footprint data and your business/operational goals & targets, resulting in timely  emissions reduction, and effective carbon monitoring. 


And finally, evidence your net zero credentials through independent certification and share your carbon reduction  goals with employees, customers, and shareholders, discuss your net zero plans with your peers and business partners and facilitate decarbonisation of the entire economy.


The future Net Zero Standard with CBN Expert provides a robust and comprehensive net zero solution that is 

  • cost effective 

  • alighned with the industry standard

  • comprehensive and yet easy-to-use

  • privides 24/7 sharable access to your carbon data

  • highlights emissions reduction opportunities

  • indepnednetly validates and certifies your benchmark carbon footprint

  • offers rewards badges to help communicate progress


Future Net Zero have been campaigning to inspire, commit, and educate businesses to reach net zero for over a year now.  Our joint ambition is to get 10,000 smaller businesses to start measuring and reducing carbon emissions as soon as possible. 

Get in touch to start your journey.

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