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If you are a small or medium size business with serious growth ambition and understand the importance of decarbonisation, sustainable development, and are committed to being part of the climate crisis solution, we can help you set up a robust third-party accredited Net Zero strategy and action plan. 

We offer practical and super easy way to record, report, validate and communicate your Net Zero commitment, carbon footprint, emissions reduction plan, policies and monthly or annual progress.

The UK Government has signed us all to 2050 NET ZERO target and promised to make climate-related disclosures mandatory across the economy by 2024.

But even if it hadn’t, the time has come for smaller businesses to sharpen the sustainability edge, articulate clearly where they stand on climate change, and publicise the good work that many smaller businesses already do.

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85% of the UK populations now live in local authorities where climate emergency has been declared.

3 in 4 (72%) of the UK population believe that businesses should have a legal responsibility to the planet and people alongside maximising profits.

"Engaging on Net Zero is no longer an option"

- Andrew Griffith, UK Net Zero Business COP Champion

From 31st October 2021, all companies bidding for government contracts worth more than £5 million a year must commit to achieving Net Zero by 2050. 

If you supply larger businesses, particularly ones that have made public net zero pledges, you will be asked to go net zero – typically, 70-80% of carbon emissions stem from the supply chain.

Increasingly, banks are linking finance to carbon impact – it will be difficult to get finance, or it will be more expensive if your carbon impact is poor.

If you are trading with the EU, you will be expected soon to be net zero to continue trading within the EU.

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The great thing about decarbonising your business is that it has an immense power to drive innovation, be it product/service, processes, or business model, resulting in productivity and efficiency gains, new customer segments, super talented and committed staff, and increased resilience to climate related risks.

There is plenty of support and funding available for all types of businesses through government grants, green loans, and international sustainability frameworks. Get in touch today and find out where to start.  

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